A Safety Data Management Solution for School Boards, Academic Institutions, and Municipalities

With an innovative approach to health & safety training, education, and accident prevention, US SDS helps school boards, academic institutions, and municipalities be proactive in addressing accident prevention by identifying chemical hazards, equipment, tools, and products and automatically providing relevant safety related information.

iOS/Android App

Staff/Students can view SDS’s as well as safety videos and instructions for equipment they use even when offline.

Google-like Search

Provide users with a familiar Google-like search experience. No need to search individual fields seperately.

Tagging System

Create organization specific tags (e.g. Maintenance, Science) allowing users to quickly filter down searches.

Customized View

Don’t just show users a PDF, show them a customized view with only the important sections they need displayed.

Banned & Restricted

Show precautionary notes for restricted products and notify users when they are searching for banned products.

Inventory Management

Track “off the shelf” purchases and inventory levels of products & equipment.

Want to say hey or find out more?

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about US SDS and our unique safety data management platform designed specifically for Academia and School Boards.

Some of Our Great Customers

US SDS's innovative safety data management system is used by a number of customers including being awarded the contract for one large school district to provide over 41,000 employees and 246,000 students in 584 schools with access to our unique safety data management system.

About Us

US SDS believes that one size does not fit all. Launched in 2016, US SDS was created by listening to the needs of industry in demanding more health & safety tools and applications to increase worker safety and minimize worker risk in the workplace. US SDS was launched with the full intention of being a “disruptive” innovation and technology in the health & safety and (M)SDS marketplace. We have not only integrated new technology, but also new processes and features that sets US SDS apart from the typical (M)SDS provider. US SDS was the first system to be released with mobility as an integral part of the design and not an add-on afterthought. US SDS was built from the ground up as a hosted SaaS modelled system and designed as a platform that allows for an unprecedented level of customization for each individual customer. Our focus was not only in designing and delivering a leading edge, industry specific (M)SDS management system, but to be able to deliver a “one stop shop” for client specific health and safety tools in the workplace. Our innovative approach to health & safety training, education, and accident prevention has enabled US SDS to deliver industry specific (M)SDS solutions designed with specific client nomenclature and processes at the time of launch at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Our first industry focus has been helping overburdened Occupational Health & Safety Officials in school boards and academic institutions be proactive in addressing accident prevention by identifying chemical hazards, equipment, tools, and products in schools/campuses and automatically providing relevant safety related information to staff and students. We quickly expanded to support municipalities and continue to add specific features for other industries. The founders of the US SDS product bring over 30-years of background and experience with hazardous chemicals handling and management planning, emergency response and contingency planning, business continuity planning, and custom software development providing services for numerous organizations including the National Audubon Society, CEPA, Warner Bros, and the University of Michigan just to name a few.